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"My Angel" Painting

"My Angel" Painting

SKU: OrangeS0037

My Angel, painting illustration on canvas by combined technique. The painting was created in the art studio of Tatjana Šebek Markušić, painter, designer and illustrator. Dimension of the painting is 24x18 cm. The image has a certificate of authenticity and in appropriate packaging.


My Angel is a collection of illustrations, created with a lot of love in the art studio of the painter Tatjana Šebek Markušić.


May the guardian angels of love, peace and goodness shine in your home, may they cheer the people you love.


Angels will bring a piece of peace and beauty into your life, home, bring a smile to the people we love, our dear people, our children.


We don't know what Angels look like ... but the author's love saw them so playful, lovely and full of gentle warmth.


We love the goodness in us!

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