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our story.

The orange shark lives at the intersection of simplicity and elegance. From fashion and jewelry through aromatherapy programs to the painting studio, Orange shark products are handmade uniques designed by the owner Tatjana Šebek Markušić.


The link of all our products is the artstyle that makes you stand out and refined in a world where trends are shifting every day.


Orange shark can be ordered in all EU countries, Southeast Europe (BiH, CG, SB, MK, AL), the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.


The Orange Shark was founded in 1983. The headquarters are in Croatia. Our products are unique "made in Croatia" products - a combination of tradition and trends - so our headquarters are located in Sisak, an architectural unique and one of the oldest cities in Croatia and Europe.


Who is the Orange shark? Orange shark is a manufacturer, not a reseller. Orange shark are quality and details. Orange shark is creative. The orange shark is guided by a vision - a canvas for your imagination!

Tatjana Šebek Markušić

Artist and Owner

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