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Do you paint? Do you do fashion? Do you design? Simply, are you an artist yourself?

In these times of limited movement let us not allow our canvases and imagination to be limited.

Join us in our gathering program called “Artists for Artists” and let’s together create one beautiful story together in these difficult ones times.

Your collaboration with Orange Shark can be in 2 ways:

- Orange Shark introduces a unique e-atelier where you can exhibit your paintings.

- Be a guest and participate in for now online events and exhibitions as part of the podcast "Art Journeys with Tatjana".


Tell us something about your journey, your style, your visions and ideas ... let's unite, learn from each other and share the spirit of art and beauty in times when all chances are against us! :)

You can participate in both ways, and the participation itself is of course - free! :)






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