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"My Angel" Greeting Card

"My Angel" Greeting Card

SKU: OrangeS0021

Unique painting-greeting card for special occasions, author's work by painter Tatjana Šebek Markušić. The painting was made with a combined technique on canvas and remains as an artistic memory of special days in your life. The dimensions of the card are 12x6 cm (small card).


A unique and artistically designed greeting card for special events in life (weddings, births, birthdays, baptisms ...) will always be a nice surprise and reminder.


The greeting card is made as a painting on canvas with a combined technique, and can be framed to be a painting and a memorial to the dear people who shared with us the joy of our events.

Each greeting card is handmade and as such unique, unique. It has an author's certificate and the name of the painting.


For everyone who wants to buy something outside the standard, and that the gesture will be noticed and remembered.


This unique gift will be chosen by people with the style and soul of an artist, the eye of a dreamer and a soul that will know how to share other people's happiness.


Let’s rejoice with the people who matter to us!


Let's show love in a special way!

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