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Collection "Gizem" - Glass Vase & Ceramic Washer

Collection "Gizem" - Glass Vase & Ceramic Washer

SKU: OrangeS0064

The Gizem collection is one of the first Orange Shark collections. The uniqueness of our home begins with the uniqueness of our gathering place and the Gizem collection is dedicated to the artistic expression of glass sets with which you can surprise your guests and brighten the atmosphere of your loved ones.

The set consists of a glass vase and a ceramic washer.


Each item in the collection consists of glass items on which the painting is made of special glass paints and baked to make the color stable.


Each item is unique and bears the signature of our artist Tatjana Šebek Markušić.

The motif is common to the entire collection and draws from the beauty of Flora.

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