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"Tesla" by Tatjana Šebek Markušić

"Tesla" by Tatjana Šebek Markušić

SKU: OrangeS0078

Painting awarded by Artists of Globe. oil on canvas, 70x120 cm private collection Tatjana Šebek is a member of the association of artists Artists of Globe, whose founders and implementers are music producer and art lover Zoran Škugor and world-famous violin virtuoso Goran Končar.


The image represents all the beauty and power of the mind, which does not belong to this world, but to the Universe which unites minds that see further, more beautiful and more humane. People trapped in the limitations of earthly postulates of greed, egoism, lack of empathy and the need for knowledge, beauty, peace, love ... These people brought all the beauty to Earth through creation, and people gave them back their pain. for Tesla, a more beautiful Earth, for artists and scientists and their creations. The painting is in a private collection, and since 2015 has traveled to exhibitions praising Earth, Water and People changing the world for the better.

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